Architectural 3D Cad Drafting & rendering SERVICE


Visualizing and Communicating Architectural Design Ideas Quickly and Cost Effectively.

One of the biggest challenges in interior design, remodeling, and home building is the difficulty of visualizing the finished project before it's completed. This can lead to misunderstandings between designers, builders, and clients, and may result in dissatisfaction with the final outcome, costly financial setbacks, and long delays during the construction process.


Our collaborative approach to producing precise CAD drawings and 3D renderings can help.

Wise Design architectural CAD and 3D rendering services solve this problem by partnering with builders, home owners, and designers, to create detailed, lifelike visualizations of the planned interior spaces. These visualizations allow all parties to see and understand the design intent clearly, adjust designs before any physical work begins. This allows for informed decisions about materials, trim, countertops, wallpaper, paint colors, accessories, furniture, cabinet elevations & components, lighting designs, functional layout, and complex MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) implementations. These decisions are then output to beautiful color photorealistic renders and accurately dimensioned construction documents that communicate the final vision clearly and assist in streamlining complex assembly during the building and remodeling processes.


We employ diffusion-based rendering tools to swiftly generate conceptual art during the initial design phase.

This innovative approach allows us to explore a broad spectrum of ideas, styles, and moods with remarkable speed, setting the creative direction early on.
While these tools offer unparalleled flexibility in visualization, their current limitations in precision make them less suited for the exacting details required in construction phases. Therefore, once we've honed in on a specific style and mood, we transition to detailed technical design and architectural planning to ensure a precise, accurate representation of the final project. This blend of cutting-edge AI with traditional architectural rigor ensures that our designs are both visionary and grounded, ready to bring your dream space to life.



"I turn coffee and concepts into pixels and plans, making sure the only surprises in construction are pleasant ones."
Scott Wise - CEO, Founder
Architecture is an evolving puzzle, where each project is a unique challenge, demanding innovative solutions. In my blog, I explore how cutting-edge technology intertwines with creative design, transforming complex problems into breathtaking structures. Join me in this journey, where modern tools meet timeless creativity, crafting stories in steel, wood, glass, and stone.

Residential Design Services


Existing Conditions

All projects typically start with a point cloud scan and lasers of an existing property condition to capture measurements for construction planning & design.


Floor Plan Review

Seeking professional guidance to update or modify an existing floor plan? Send me your documents and we can review together on shared screen call.


Kitchen Design

Incorporate advanced cabinetry systems and arrange cabinet component layout to maximize your kitchen surface area and workflow functionality. Optimize appliance and material surface selections.


Luxury Spa / Bathroom Design

Utilize the latest innovations in in smart lighting, plumbing fixtures, and automation to give your home bathroom that coveted spa like experience!


Take Off Estimation

With our existing conditions report, we can quickly and accurately estimate all surface areas required for calculating material estimates such as drywall, flooring, tile, & paint.


Material Schedules

Once a plan has gone through the design phase and is approved for construction, our detailed construction sets include material schedules for all purchasing orders.


ArchViz / Renders

Have an idea that you would like to see come to life? Submit your CAD files and we can produce breathtaking still images, doll house views, animated walk-throughs, and hosted virtual 3D environments for client reviews.


Construction Sets

Plan sets for all trades: Foundation, framing, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, cabinet installation, countertop fabrication, custom millwork, molding, and trim specifications for optimal carpentry fit & finish.

As-built scan & property measure



Download our DIY AS-BUILT SCAN GUIDE to get setup with the software on your lidar enabled iPhone or iPad and help you scan and measure your own property to get a usable starting point for your residential design project.

as-built SURVEY


Hire our existing conditions tech to produce a flawless digital twin technical as-built scan and laser measure survey of your property to produce a more accurate CAD floor plan to initiate your residential design project.


Client Testimonials

"Scott is a dedicated and innovative architectural drafter and interior designer with a passion to explore the latest software technology in the construction space. Scott and I worked together in kitchen and bathroom design, collaborating on renovation projects where Scott provided the as-built architectural drawings to the design team as well as the new conceptual drawings for the revised spaces. His commitment to leveraging the latest technology, coupled with his creative insights, proved invaluable in handling our challenging renovation projects. His role in introducing and advocating for Chief Architect software highlights his adaptability and forward-thinking approach. Scott's enthusiasm and curiosity is especially refreshing. Not only does it contribute to his professional growth but also benefits the entire team by keeping them abreast of the latest trends and advancements in software technology."
Donna Grace McAlear
Interior Designer - New Mood Design
"I've worked in the remodeling business for over 15 years. I was so impressed with Scott's cabinet layout and rendering skills when I first met him, that I hired him on the spot to produce all my client's renderings. Together we knocked out hundreds of kitchen projects. I'm happy to see his continued growth as a true professional in the construction industry."
Dustin Taylor
Kitchen & Bath Remodeler
"Not only is Scott super knowledgeable about his work, sharing important perspectives and asking all the right questions, but he was such a patient listener, truly caring for my needs and desires so that we could get the result we wanted in the end."
Tatiana Mark
New Homeowner - Be One Collective
"Scott's talent in architectural drafting is evident in every kitchen and bath design he has produced for me. He has a unique knack for balancing aesthetics with practicality, which perfectly complements our constructive approach. Our collaboration has resulted in numerous satisfied customers who praise the functionality and beauty of their spaces."
Blake Welborn
Cabinet Dealer

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